1. Copy the shortcode for the Custom Post Type Grid blog module from wp article revisions for post.

{et_pb_4divi_cbg admin_label="Custom Post Type Filter" custom_query="on" post_type="project" fullwidth="3" image_position="left" show_content="no" show_author="off" show_date="off" show_categories="off" use_overlay="on" hover_icon="%%51%%" header_font_size_tablet="51" header_line_height_tablet="2" meta_font_size_tablet="51" meta_line_height_tablet="2" body_font_size_tablet="51" body_line_height_tablet="2" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" border_style="solid" module_class="demo" _builder_version="3.19.11" include_tax="project_category" include_tax_terms="abstract" /}

2. Insert standart DIVI modules “Tabs”

3. In settings module DIVI Tabs Add New Tab.

4. Add a copied shorcode to the Tab/Content field.

5. Set slug in shortcode for Include Taxonomy Only (eg. include_tax=”project_category“) and Include Taxonomy Terms (eg. include_tax_terms=”abstract“)

6. Repeat these steps for all required Tax Terms.