Privacy notice under the GDPR


What happens when you send us a message or buy some product?

We request two personal information in your message or your order:
1. Name
2. E-mail adress

We do not share your personal information anywhere. They stay only in our e-mail that is stored in the Office 365 cloud environment that meets the highest standards of protection.

They will also stay on our Outlook e-mail client on my devices. All devices are protected by passwords, biometric data, and encryption, so even when they are stolen, it is impossible to access your data.

We do not use your data for any marketing purposes. We will not send you bids, spam, and any other news you do not ask for.

Our site uses cookies

Yes, like millions of other websites, it uses mine for proper cookies. You can disable the use of cookies in your internet browser.

We use these cookies:

1. Cookies that contain the WordPress site content management system itself
2. Cookies that use the Web Analytics Traffic Analysis tool – Google Analytics

We do not follow your IP address

A common Google Analytics setting tracks an IP address that is also considered a personal data. We have Google Analytics configured to anonymize your IP address. So we do not collect your IP address.